Free Fax2Mail

The 086 service is absolutely FREE and will stay free. There are no hidden costs and normally takes a few minutes to activate.
The service is free to you the person that receives a fax. Telkom charges a R2.02 per minute (inc VAT) fee to the sender.

How It Works.

Step 1:
A normal fax is faxed to your Fax2mail number.
Step 2:
The analogue fax is received by the Fax2mail Server Which processes the fax and emails it to your email address as a Tif or PDF attachment.
Step 3:
You receive your fax in your inbox.

Step 1:
The document to be faxed is emailed as an attachment to the recipients fax number.
Step 2:
The email is received by the Email2Fax server, converted to analogue fax format and faxed to the recipients fax machine.
Step 3:
The fax is printed by the recipients fax machine.

Receiving a Fax
You are issued with an 086 number which is then linked to an email address of your choice. Your clients then send their faxes to your 086 number, and you receive the fax in your email in-box.

Fax2mail FAQ

How does the free fax number work?

Business Fax to Mail

Activate Your Fax2Mail number NOW.

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Fax2mail is a new way of receiving faxed documents directly to your PC without a telephone line. No more faxes fading and you can receive your faxes any where in the world where you receive your email. You can also send faxes from your email by activating email2fax. Now you can receive a fax when ever where ever you are. You receive your faxes in TIFF or PDF format so you can easily view them with a Picture Viewer or Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Large companies can now easily distribute faxes without a fax server.
Each fax2mail number are directed to an email address.
Faxes can be forwarded to many recipients through your email program.
Higher confidentiality as you receive your faxes directly to your PC and not a central fax room where others can see it.
Great for fax campaigns where you receive large volumes of faxes. Your number will not be engaged.

No additional costs as you only need an email address to start receiving faxes.
Save on paper and ink as you only need to print faxes you need on paper.
Better archiving of your faxes. No need to scan your faxes as they are already in image format.

You do not require a fixed fax line, so your phone lines are not occupied.

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