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Business Fax2Mail Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I change my email address for receiving fax2mail.
Logon to with your Passport # and Password.
Click on My Account.
Click on Fax2mail Options
Type in your new email where you want your faxes to be emailed Under
Email faxes to this email address:
Click the Update button at the bottom.

2. How do I send faxes with mail2fax.
Logon to your Fax2mail account as above.
Click on Purchase.
Click on Electronic Transfer.
Select Upload funds to my pre-paid account in order to send faxes.
Type in the ammount you want to load onto your Email2fax pre-paid account and click recalculate. The ammount plas VAT will display.
Click on Generate Purchase Order and follow the instructions.

3. Can I change my 086 Fax2mail number.
Yes you can.
Logon to your Fax2mail Account as above.
Click on Change Fax Number.
The server will generate a new number for you.
There is a once off charge of R150.

If you can use email, you can use Fax2Mail!

How it works

Fax2Mail is a very easy to use electronic fax service. Instead of using a fax machine you can send and receive faxes using your computer. To send a fax, our service converts your email attachments into fax documents and delivers them to the recipient’s fax machine. To receive a fax, the sender faxes the document to your personal fax number where it is converted into an email attachment and delivered to your email inbox. If you can use email, you can use Fax2Mail!

Receiving a Fax (fax to email address)

When someone sends you a fax to your Fax2Mail number, the fax gets converted to a PDF or TIFF image (fax to email) and the image is sent as an attachment to your email inbox.

Like any other email attachment, simply double-click on it to view the internet fax. And, because the fax is now an electronic document you can read it, print it, forward it like an email, store it in your computer or delete it.

Sending a Fax (email to fax machine)

To send a Fax with Fax2Mail you simply use the same process as sending an email with an attachment. In the 'To' field, enter the destination fax number(s), followed by the extension.'

If you want to include a note or a cover page with your fax, simply type your message in the body of your email. This can even be the fax itself, without attaching an additional document. If you are faxing a document that you have attached, but do not want any additional messages, simply leave the subject and body blank.

For faxing electronic documents or files, simply attach the document to your email message. When you hit send, your internet fax leaves your mailbox just like an email message. That email message goes to, where it dials the recipient's fax number and transmits the fax to their fax machine.

It's Easy!

Your Message (with or without attachements) Hit Send Recipient's number dialed by Transmitted to recipient's fax machine.

Mobile Printing

When you are on the road or away from the office, you can now print your documents to any fax machine - and it's just as easy as sending email. Just find the nearest fax machine, address your email message with the attachment to that fax number and hit 'send'. In moments, your document will be printing! It works with your BlackBerry, Treo Smartphone or any computer. Best of all, you can get started today and start printing anywhere as it can be used with any email application. So if you use Outlook at work and AOL at home, you'll still have the convenience of printing wherever you desire.

The freedom to print anytime, anywhere is free for customers who choose an annual Fax2Mail plan, or just $3 per month per user for selecting a monthly price plan. More information is available on our Mobile Solutions Page.

NOTE: You can also attach multiple documents to one email message and they
will be sent as one fax.

Our fax to email service is just that simple!

To prevent loosing your Fax2Mail number you have to receive a fax at least every second month. If your Fax2Mail number has been cancelled chances of getting it back is almost imposible. It will be allocated to the next Fax2Mail subscriber.

Free Fax2mail

Replace your fax machine for the new Free Fax2Mail service and start receiving faxes!

Send and receive faxes from your PC without a phone line. No engaged signals!
You do not require any hardware or software upgrades
No more fax machine maintenance
Confidential documents faxed directly to your PC.




Fax2mail is a new way of receiving faxed documents directly to your PC without a telephone line. No more faxes fading and you can receive your faxes any where in the world where you receive your email. You can also send faxes from your email by activating email2fax. Now you can receive a fax when ever where ever you are. You receive your faxes in TIFF or PDF format so you can easily read them with a Picture Viewer or Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Large companies can now easily distribute faxes without a fax server. Each fax2mail number are connected to an email address.
Faxes can then be forwarded to many recipients through your email program.
Higher confidemntiallity as you receive your faxes directly to your PC and not a central fax room where others can see it.
Great for fax campaigns where you receive large volumes of faxes. Your number will not be engaged.
No aaditional costs as you only need an email address to start receiving faxes.
Save on paper and ink as you only need to print faxes you need on paper.
Better archiving of your faxes. No need to scan your faxes as they are already in image format.

You do not require a fixed fax line, so your phone lines are not occupied.