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Business Fax to Mail

NO More expensive fax routing software and maintenance to fax machines.

If you have email, you can receive Fax to Mail!

How does it work?

With Fax to Mail normal faxes are faxed directly to a Fax to Mail server that captures the fax in PDF or TIFF format and sends it to your allocated email address.You can send and receive faxes without a landline. You can send faxes by attaching your Word and other documents to an email and sending it to the Fax to Mail server. The server then faxes it to the number you specify in the To: field..You receive your faxes to your personal fax to mail 0866 number.

You can include a note or cover sheet by simply typing the message in the message area of your email message

A received fax can easily be forwarded to many recipients. Saving paper, ink and telephone costs.

As a business you can register a Fax to Mail account and create sub accounts for your staff. you will then have full access to all the numbers allocated.

You will be able to monitor faxes going out. Documents can be faxed directly from each staff members PC or notebook without additional telephone lines being installed.

You can receive faxes on the road when out of the office. Faxes are sent to you where ever you are. You can receive urgent quotes even when your out of the office.

Multiple documents can be sent by attaching all the documents to the email

You can receive confidential documents directly to your email address.

Fax2mail is a new way of receiving faxed documents directly to your PC without a telephone line. No more faxes fading and you can receive your faxes any where in the world where you receive your email. You can also send faxes from your email by activating email2fax. Now you can receive a fax when ever where ever you are. You receive your faxes in TIFF or PDF format so you can easily read them with a Picture Viewer or Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Large companies can now easily distribute faxes without a fax server. Each fax2mail number are connected to an email address.
Faxes can then be forwarded to many recipients through your email program.
Higher confidemntiallity as you receive your faxes directly to your PC and not a central fax room where others can see it.
Great for fax campaigns where you receive large volumes of faxes. Your number will not be engaged.
No aaditional costs as you only need an email address to start receiving faxes.
Save on paper and ink as you only need to print faxes you need on paper.
Better archiving of your faxes. No need to scan your faxes as they are already in image format.

You do not require a fixed fax line, so your phone lines are not occupied.

The 086 Fax number can not receive International faxes. To get an International number you can log on to your account and apply for the service. There is a cost involved when using an International enabled Fax2Mail number.

Signup for your FREE Fax to Mail number NOW.

Send and receive faxes from your PC without a phone line. No engaged signals!
You do not require any hardware or software upgrades
No more fax machine maintenance
Confidential documents faxed directly to your PC.