Easy Ways to Make Money with Your Camera

Camera Business

You may have heard people complain that everyone is now a photographer. This is because digital point-and-shoot cameras have come quite a long way in the last couple of years. You no longer have to spend thousands of rands on a decent camera to get good looking photos. In fact, chances are you already own a camera capable of taking sellable photos.

What you need to make money with your camera

You don’t need anything fancy. A simple point-and-shoot with at least 5 megapixels is all that’s required. Most smartphones already have this capability built-in, and in many situations this will be all that’s required.

Where to sell your photos

If you want to start selling your photos then you have a couple of options. The easiest way to sell photos is, of course, stock photos. It is a straightforward process. Take good quality pictures and sell the photos online to people and companies who want them.
Why would they want your photos? Well, mostly because it is easier and cheaper to just buy the rights to photos than to go through the whole process of hiring a photographer. Websites require photos all the time and the website owners want to save money and time in acquiring photos. Buying the pictures online achieves their objective.

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How to sell your photos online

The first step if you want to make money with your camera simply entails to register on one or more of the many online stock photo websites. Do your research and read reviews to make sure the ones you choose are legitimate.
Browse each website and see which types of photos tend to sell the best. Then go out and start taking photos in line with what you have deemed would be the money shots.
When you have a couple of decent photos, upload them and wait. If they are any good then the money should start to slowly trickle in. Continue to take photos and upload them to grow your business, the more you have the better. To make money with your camera you will need to take several unique photos.

Other ways to make money with your camera

The next two methods will require that you buy a small photo printer, one capable of printing both passport photos and regular jumbo photos.

School sport events

School sport events are havens of proud parents who would like nothing more than to have a picture of their child during their performance in a game or sport activity. You may have to get permission from the school or sports grounds manager to set-up and make money with your camera.
Once you have permission, you can set up your stall. All you really need, apart from the camera, will be your photo printer and a table close to a power source.  You can expand this with a gazebo, computer and maybe a screen setup for viewing.  Having a second person man the stall while you take pictures is recommended.
Now go out and take some action shots of the players. At half-time or after the game, quickly run to the stall and download all the photos. Have parents choose the ones they like and print them out for a fee. It really is that simple. You will quickly identify what works in order to improve your business accordingly.

Passport photos

The last option is to setup a similar stall near any place where people will require passport photos. This may include the local home affairs or licensing office.
Check your local bylaws and get the required permissions for operating a roadside business.
Set up with a white backdrop at your stall for taking passport photos. Place your printer on a table and start getting clients. The more visible your stall is the higher your success rate will be. 
As you can see, there are many ways to start making money with your camera. The amount you plan on investing will determine the route you choose. These are just the tip of the iceberg and if you use a bit of creativity then the possibilities are endless.

Author: Mickey Gauché (2017)


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