How to Make Money with a Christmas Light Hanging Business

Tired of working whole year round? Wish you could work for two months only and make enough money to sustain you the entire year? Well, now you can. Start your own Christmas light hanging business.

Do your research

It does seem like a fairly easy business to start, but there are some things you need to know. You’ll need to read up on Led lights and other lights used for Christmas. You’ll need to have some sense of decorating, since many people won’t have a specific plan on how or where to put the lights, and they’ll expect you to do it for them.  Read up on safety and maybe take a few courses. Train your staff; you don’t want to close your Christmas light hanging business because of a huge accident. You also don’t want to get hurt on Christmas and spoil the holiday forever for your family.

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You have to get your pricing right for the light hanging business. You don’t need to be the cheapest place, but must be the best place. You cannot expect to make money in this business if you try to be the lowest priced. You can ask higher prices and only have long-term specials. Get your bookings early.
You can have long-term contracts for clients. Have them sign to use only you for the next three Christmas seasons. Having these contracts you’ll be able to offer the services for cheaper, but it will be a definitive income for the next three years.

Finding and building your client base

You may think that only big companies will pay to have their place decorated, but you’re wrong.  Yes. The larger corporations are where you will make big bucks, but you’ll need to get them first.
If you want to make money right from the outset start by decorating residential areas. This way you’ll build a portfolio to showcase your work when you approach the larger companies. In upmarket areas people always decorate, but they don’t do it themselves. They are the ones who most probably hire a guy like you to hang the decorations since they’re busy making money somewhere else.
The elderly are also potential customers for your Christmas light hanging business. They want to decorate, but are getting too old to climb on the roof and install their lights. Offer a pensioner’s package where they sign for a few years or life. You have to make sure that people sign on for more than just one Christmas, as returning customers will be what will keep your company running.


Make sure you have the right equipment for the job. It could be dangerous if you use old and worn out materials. You’ll need different ladders, scaffolding, and equipment that will help you get to difficult areas in the best and safest possible ways.  Getting a small truck is essential to transport the ladders and other equipment.

Other income through the year

Christmas doesn’t have to be the only time of year you make money. You can also offer to decorate on Halloween, birthday parties, weddings and other events. Just because you mainly hang Christmas lights, it doesn’t mean that you can’t do décor and events.
No more feeling as if you lose all your money in December. Now you’ll earn the largest part of your income during the festive season with your Christmas light hanging business.

Author: Chanel Gauché (2017)


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