6 Steps to Become a Dog Trainer

Do you have a well-behaved dog at home who listens to your every command? Are you good working with people, as well as dogs?
If you answered yes to these questions then you may want to consider becoming a dog trainer.

If, however, you want to make a ton of money with a straightforward job then turn away now.

Step 1 – Get Training
Becoming a dog trainer doesn't happen overnight. Although for basic dog training you do not require any special qualifications it is strongly advised that you look into one of the many courses available. Whether you do such for credibility or learning the ins and outs of dog training, it is certainly worth it. Such a course will be invaluable in helping you start your new business.

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Step 2 – Do Your Homework

Get a book on dog breeds and study it from front to back. Watch videos online on dog training and start with puppy training and obedience.

Step 3 – Practice Training
It would be good if you have dogs at home to test your knowledge on.  A great deal of dog training is simple in theory, but difficult to do in practice, because dogs are living beings and each one is unique.

Step 4 – Train More Dogs
Once you are quite confident in your ability, it is time to start working with as many dogs as possible. The best way is to only offer dog walking services in your area. That way you get to learn from a variety of dogs and gain experience on all sorts of behaviours.  You may also opt for the option of volunteering at an animal shelter. There are hundreds of dogs in need of a walk and, in turn, they will teach you their ways.

Leash training is one of the most important parts of dog training so it will be a great time to put to use what you have learned.

Step 5 – Get Practical Experience
If you have dog schools in your area, it might be a good idea to ask that you work with them for a while. Doing so will give you experience on how such a business operates, as well as give you more interaction with as many dogs as possible in a training environment.

After many hours spent in self-training, if you are still dedicated and know this is what you want to do - then and only then can you start looking for clients.

Step 6 – Build Client Base
Start by doing one-on-one training with owners and their dogs. No problem dogs just yet, only simple obedience. Next look into puppy socialization classes with only a couple of dogs and their owners.

Never train dogs without their owners. Dogs aren't like computers where you load the software and it is there forever.  A large part of dog training is about teaching the owner on how to train his own dog, and how to make sure the training he does with you will actually be remembered and applied.

The above is just a basic overview of one route you can follow in your quest of becoming a successful dog trainer. It is by no means a complete or even partial guide and seeking professional training is advised.

Have fun and good luck!

Author: Mickey Gauché (2017)


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