Buying tips for electric tankless water heaters

Buying tips for electric tankless water heaters

Before buying one of the electric tankless water heaters on the market consider the location, demand and size required as well as the application of the electric tankless water heaters.

The main considerations for purchasing of electric tankless water heaters are that of voltage requirements, the Amps and of course also the circuit breakers.

The country where you are located will determine the voltage. In South Africa the voltage requirement is 220 Volt. It is of no use buying a unit that cannot operate on the standard voltage offered in your country. Other voltages are that of 110, 120, 208, 240, and 277 Volts.

Check the Amp draw requirements of the unit as you will want enough amps to support the operation of the unit.

The circuit breaker must be able to support the unit. To this end get the help of a qualified electrician as it may become necessary to install the unit on a separate circuit breaker.

Electric tankless water heaters may be needed separately for the kitchen, bathroom, and shower areas to ensure a constant flow of warm water. View the list of suppliers at our site or make use of the sponsored ads to find suppliers of relevant units in your area.

The Speedheat instant water heater comes in 3.5Kw and 5Kw units. This is rather high considering a normal geyser uses 3Kw and 4Kw. The advantage of the Speedheat unit is that it is installed at point of use, eliminating long distances over which the water cools down. It also only uses electricity when used unlike a normal geyser that constantly switches on and off to maintain the temperature in the tank.