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Author: Isebell Gauche

Benefits of free email fax in South Africa

Doing business in the digital environment requires applications other than the traditional faxing facilities to keep up with competitors. Free Fax2mail services provide you with the competitive edge required. Even though it is still a relative new concept in South Africa, email fax is used all over the world as a more cost effective way to communicate.

Benefits of free Fax2mail

  • Obtaining a Free Fax2mail number that you can use for receiving of faxes is free of charge from Gosurfonline, your number one Internet Service Provider.
  • The setup is effortless - simply apply online at Gosurfonline and provide your electronic mail address where you want to receive your faxes and you are ready to go.
  • It is paperless - thus much more cost effective. There isn't a request for inserting paper and you don't have to worry about paper jams.
  • No faxing signal is required, even if your pc is off, the sender can still send the document to your electronic mail address and when you log on, you receive your email fax.
  • The documents can still be printed out, but unlike your normal facsimile facility, you can receive your email fax anywhere in the world - for free.
  • Apart from the cost saving in terms of paper, no longer do you need a separate number and thus line. You receive faxes via electronic mail.
  • The process works exactly the same as in the past for the sender, only you receive a document as attachment in your inbox.
  • You can save the document received, forward it, or print it at any time you want.

Having a 24 hour facsimile service through your email fax for free, is not something to say no to. You don't pay for any of the faxes received. You have a facsimile number that can be used when you are on the road, enabling you to even access your faxes at an Internet café. If you haven't obtained an email fax yet, do so now for free.
Let everyone know since it develops networking capacity. Many larger enterprises have already moved away from the traditional methods and are also now obtaining email fax for each employee. It increases productivity as the faxes are received directly on the employee's pc at no additional cost to the company.
It is time you and your company also convert to this very simple, yet, innovative way of doing business through email fax services. Simply contact Gosurfonline or apply online to receive your
Free Fax2mail
immediately online for free.

With telephone lines constantly being stolen all over South Africa companies are moving to Wireless solutions and VOIP (Voice Over IP). Unfortunately a lot of wireless suppliers do not have the ability to give you a fax line, but with a fax2mail number you can still receive faxes as it is sent to your email address.