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Energy Saving Made Easy

Energy saver box

Ever wanted to save electricity but the cost and large changes needed, changed your mind.
Well now you can start saving up to 30% of your electricity bill every month.

If you were paying say R1000 on your electricity bill you can save up to R300 every month. That is a saving of R3600 per year and with the tariff increases of Escom it makes sense to start saving now.

  • But what will it cost you?
    R450 for a normal household.
  • What about installation?
    You just plug it into any power connector(Plug) in your house and start saving.
  • How does it work?
    All electrical appliances causes a surge momentarily when swithced. This causes your electricity meter to move faster momentarily. What the Energy saver does is absorb these momentary surges preventing your meter to move faster.
  • What about surges?
    The unit monitors electricity consumption of all appliances in your home and prevents over voltage to them. Over voltage causes electronic devices to overheat.
  • What is this overheating?
    Overheating of electronic devices are excess energy not used. Your device will not work better with more voltage or current and the over voltage are then turned into heat. Wasted energy.