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Fax2mail Frequently asked Questions

1. How do I change my email address for receiving fax2mail.

  • Logon to http://www.gosurf.fax086.co.za with your Passport # and Password.
  • Click on My Account.
  • Click on Fax2mail Options
  • Type in your new email where you want your faxes to be emailed Under.
    Email faxes to this email address: your new email address@yourdomain.co.za
  • Click the Update button at the bottom.
  • Also click on Update passport at top.
  • Change your email address here too.
  • Click Update Passport at bottum.
  • If you are sending emails click on Email2Fax Options
  • Change your email address and click Update at bottum.

2. How do I send faxes with mail2fax.

  • Logon to your Fax2mail account as above.
  • Click on Purchase.
  • Click on Electronic Transfer.
  • Select Upload funds to my pre-paid account in order to send faxes.
  • Type in the ammount you want to load onto your Email2fax pre-paid account and click recalculate. The ammount plas VAT will display.
  • Click on Generate Purchase Order and follow the instructions.

3. Can I change my 086 Fax2mail number.

  • Yes you can.
  • Logon to your Fax2mail Account as above.
  • Click on Change Fax Number.
  • The server will generate a new number for you.
  • There is a once off charge of R150.

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