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How does the free fax number work?

Technology can work for or against you, but if you know how the free fax number works, you will never want to use your fax machine to receive faxes ever again.

Here is how the free fax number works:

" You receive a 086 free fax number when you register (click here to register for the free fax number).
" We send the electronic faxing number to your email account.
" You can start to receive faxes in your email inbox in the same way as you receive emails with attachments (documents).
" You can open the attached document, save it, delete it or forward it whenever you want.
" You will always receive an email notification to tell you that a fax came in.

How much does the free fax number cost?

Here is the good news: NOT A CENT! The sender pays for the fax and not you. Even the registration is free. Get it now by clicking on:
086 number.

Why get a 086 number?

  • It is free.
  • Convenient as you can receive faxes anywhere in the world.
  • You don't have to change numbers when you move.
  • The faxes are received in your email client.
  • The quality is excellent.
  • You always have full record of faxes received.
  • The computer doesn't have to be on to receive faxes.
  • It doesn't matter if the sender faxes 20 pages.
  • No more toner, paper jams, and maintenance.

Even if you already have a faxing facility, you will benefit from the 086 number as you can use it when travelling or when you are on holiday to receive important faxes.

Can a business have more than one free fax number?

Absolutely yes! Simply get a 086 number for each of your employees according to their emails. They will then be able to receive faxes directly in their email inboxes. It means a higher level of confidentiality and no faxes getting lost. The worker receives the faxes immediately.

What to do next?

Simply click here: Free fax number and complete the short form with the following details:

  • Name and Surname
  • Email address
  • Contact number

It is as simple as that! Start receiving faxes immediately after we send you your new number. You can have more than one free fax number as long as you have one per email address. Don't delay! If you are resident in South Africa, then this advanced technology is the next step in mobile office development. Make technology work for you get your 086 number today click here for the free fax number.



Author: Isebell Gauche (March 2008) for Gosurfonline