How to Start a Flower Shop

Green thumb? Start a flower shop. Florists have a great deal of people that they can sell to - from a guy buying a bouquet of roses for his wife to a full wedding party’s floral decoration.


You can start a flow shop with little money. All you need to get is a retail space, buckets, till, counter, card machine, calendar, and flowers.  You can even rent a mobile container or a small stall at the beginning.
You don’t need a professional certificate to be a florist, and you thus have less red tape to deal with when you start a flower shop in comparison with a store selling food. You will need to get some experience though. Work for a florist, complete a day course, or online courses to have at least a bit of knowledge of the business you’re trying to start.

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Potential trades:

  • Wedding planners.
  • Memorial/Burial services.
  • Walk- ins.
  • Event planners.
  • Holidays.

Skills needed to start a flower shop

A green thumb, you’ll need to be able to work with plants. You’ll also definitely need to be good with decorating, organising and planning. It will help when arranging bouquets or doing a whole wedding’s floral décor. Having some people skills will be useful since you’ll be talking to your clients in the flower shop and sometimes over the phone for arrangements. Lastly, you’ll need to be able to work under pressure; it is a stressful thing working with brides and last-minute flower orders.

Keep on learning

Watch videos or read books about flower cutting, arrangements, symbolism of flowers, and ways to make bouquets unique. Also attend workshops to this end.  What is in today is old-fashioned tomorrow. Keep with the trends by updating your skill set and the products to suit client requirements. Remember, you start a flower shop because you like plants and want to make money. To do the latter, you need to adapt your service offering to ensure the products you offer are fashionable.


As a florist, you’ll most likely be working on public holidays, as people tend to buy more flowers on days like Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, because you’ll make more money on public holidays.

Plan your future

You’ll need to think ahead for holidays, weddings and other social events. Write down important dates on a calendar. Plan ahead for enough staff members and stock for particular events. Remember to market big for holidays and check out the competition. It is also important to keep notes on the weather, like rainy days, sunshine and so on. This will help you to see when and why your business did well or not well at certain times of the year.

Caring for your flowers

Change the water of the flowers daily and sell flowers at special prices if they start to whither. Remember, you’re working with stock that can go down. To save dead stock you can cut the flowers that haven’t sold in a few days and dry them. Put the dried flowers in packages to sell as potpourri.

Staff members

Don’t over-staff your flower shop. One person is enough to run it during the day. The only time you’ll need more people is when you’re doing a wedding or other events. The person you leave at your floral shop will need to be fully trained. For example, they need to know all the different flower types and prices in the store. They also need to have a schedule book to take orders for weddings and events. They will need people skills and must be trustworthy because they work with your money.

Final thought

Don’t be shy to ask for help.  Many florists on Facebook and other social media are happy to share information. Market extensively on the Internet and places where you can do it for free. The lower the cost of your marketing the better.  But, most important tip if you want to start a flower shop – Love your work and make money!

Author: Chanel Gauché (2017)


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