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Gas geyser suppliers in South Africa

Electricity costs are high and the expectation is that the tariffs will continue to rise in the coming years. Gas geysers suppliers are normally located in the Far East, leaving many people no other option than to settle for high cost electric geysers. The good news is that there are now affordable alternatives in South Africa. With installation regulations being strict, you will want gas geyser suppliers in South Africa that can provide affordable, reliable and safety compliant geysers. In addition they should be able to refer you to a certified installer of the gas geysers.

A few of the gas geyser suppliers in South Africa are briefly discussed below. It should be noted that we don’t have any connection with these gas geyser suppliers, but have only brought the information together for your convenience. You can also follow the sponsored and Google Ad links to find more suppliers in South Africa.

Geyser Time Switch

The Bloemfontein based supplier Toolco Distributors offers a geyser controller unit that is compact in design and includes a trip switch, timer, DB, and a contractor. With the timer it is possible to set the geyser to heat and switch off at specific times allowing for energy savings when not in use. The unit timer has a 150 hour backup time. According to the supplier the unit has been tested and approved by a CSIR electric engineer. For more information on this time switch contact:

Toolco Distributors

96 Schnehage Crescent

Free State

Tel: 051 4210908

Fax: 051 4210908

Instant Gas Water Heaters

Another one of the gas geyser suppliers in South Africa that offers an alternative to expensive electric geysers is Dewhot. They offer the Kexin instant gas water heater which according to the supplier is fully compliant with the SABS regulations and also LPGSASA. The units can operate on Bio, natural or LPG gas. For more information contact:

Annetjie – 0825503807

Gas Leak Detectors

One of the Gauteng gas geyser suppliers in South Africa, Gas Experts provides a range of gas geysers and products as well as full installation thereof. Their products range from water heaters and stoves to kitchen appliances, gas leak detectors, and fireplaces. The gas leak detectors can be installed at home or in the caravan to detect accumulation of gas which is an indication of leakage. For more information contact:

Gas Experts

Randpark Extension 2
Fax: 086 609 9940

Keep in mind that all gas geysers must be installed by approved gas geyser installers by law. Bookmark this site for future additions of gas geyser suppliers in South Africa.