Buying tips for electric tankless water heaters

Buying guide for gas tankless water heaters

If you plan on buying one of the gas tankless water heaters on the market, follow the guidelines below to ensure that you get a safe and appropriate product that will meet your water heating requirements.

 Inspect the pipes

If you live in the USA you will want to check the current gas line to ensure that it meets the minimum requirements for the specific gas tankless water heaters you plan to install. If you stay in South Africa or another country where there are no gas pipelines, you will make use of gas cylinders. Make sure the gas cylinders are appropriate. In South Africa only purchase LPGSASA approved cylinders.


Another consideration for safety is venting. Only buy good quality stainless steel – it must be the best. Speak to a qualified gas installation technician to ensure that the correct stainless steel is used. Make sure the gas venting kit is appropriate for your specific unit. The vent route must be measured and areas cleared where necessary. It is imperative to have adequate venting for safety reasons.


Establish the demand

Not all gas tankless water heaters are the same size. It is thus important to consider the water heating requirements before investing in a unit. Consider where it will be used such as in the kitchen at the sink, for the whole bathroom or throughout the house. The flow rates for each of the applications will differ. Check with you supplier and explain exactly where the gas tankless water heaters will be used.

By law, you have to get a qualified gas geyser technician to do the installation of gas tankless water heaters in South Africa.