Save the Environment with a Goat Lawn Mowing Business

Do you love farming? Do you want to raise animals, take care of them and make money while doing so? There is a way you can do it without harming the animals. If you love animals and want to make money, but you don’t have the heart to slaughter them then this is the business for you.
What exactly is the goat lawn mowing service?
You are going to operate a lawn mowing company for large gardens such as estates, corporate gardens, homesteads, schools, hospitals and the likes. It is not so far-fetched! Google makes use of goat lawn mowing services.

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What you do
You raise goats, not just a few, but a few hundred. Then you get clients with farms or huge yards who don’t have their own lawn mowers or want alternatives to conventional lawn mowing. You can also offer the service to camping ground owners, schools, and even municipalities or residential estates. You rent your goats out, and they dine on the excessive grass from the client’s lawn.

Marketing ideas
You need to think why people should use your method instead of a normal lawn mowing service.  For one, your method is eco-friendly because goats don’t give off harmful gasses and liquids. As such, you help clients to reduce their carbon footprints and add to their environment friendly profiles.
Goats also don’t use electricity, so the clients will be saving on their energy bills too. In addition, it is more relaxing and calming to hear goats bleat than to listen to the humming sound of lawnmowers.

Benefits of goat mowing services include:

  • Save on equipment.
  • Need fewer employees.
  • Save on gas/electricity/petrol associated with the use of lawnmowers.
  • No harm to the environment.
  • No killing defenceless animals.

The goat lawn mowing service might just be so out-of-the- box that people might consider hiring you simply because they have never used this innovative method to cut their grass. Though the goats take a bit longer, and do not flatten the grass perfectly, they do serve as natural fertilizers.  You will definitely have the vote of all the eco-friendly folk since you’re giving animals long and happy lives in addition to ample freedom.
Goats may not be the best to get your grass super short, but they do take out the weeds, which can take several hours to be removed by hand. Pesticides that are used to kill weeds, kill animals and other plant species too. With the use of a goat lawn moving services your clients will not need to apply pesticides to destroy weeds.

With the goat lawn moving service you provide clients with a natural way for destroying unwanted plants in grasslands. As such, you can even offer the service to farmers.  Remember, the fertilizing part? Well, goat poop is rich in nitrogen, which is one of the essentials for plant growth. Send in the goats to clear large weed areas on a farm and at the same time add valuable nitrogen to the soil. The best part – the farmer doesn’t have to raise and keep goats. He can simply hire your goats for a few days to eat the weeds and fertilize the soil.
Save a goat, start a lawn mowing business.

Chanel Gauche (2018)


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