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GPRS wireless Internet connectivity fast growing in South Africa.

No contract is needed.
24 Hour connection. Wireless Internet.
You only pay for data used at per Mb and with larger bundles it costs much less. The average Internet user uses about 100Mb per month for e-mails, Internet browsing, and the odd download.

Added advantages of this service is its mobility, SMS capability and widespread availability. Where ever there is a Cellphone tower you will have a connection. Even if your cellphone reception is bad you could still have GPRS reception.

With new technology modems, speeds up to 85.6Kbps can be obtained. You can boost your speed by upgrading your simcard to 3G (cost between R100 - R150 once-off) that enables you to use GPRS + , edge technology(230kbps) or even 3G(384kbps) Connection setup time takes a few minutes. No waiting period for installation.

Any GPRS enabled cellphone can be used or a GPRS modem could be obtained. With SMS software and SMS bundles you can send SMSs directly from your PC or Notebook (normally included with modem or Cellphone connection packs)

Connections and package costs

You can use your 3G/GPRS enabled cellphone to connect to the Internet with your PC or notebook.

You will need a data connection cable and drivers for your cellphone or a bluetooth dongle on your PC. Normally you would get this with your cellphone or at most cellphone stores. Your Notebook might have bluetooth then you can use it. The Data Cable is the better option, Bluetooth tend to drop the connection.

There are GPRS modems available on the market ranging from R900 up.
Decent secondhand handsets
with a data suite would cost more or less the same. The data suite works with USB and costs between R270 - R350 at most cellphone shops.

has prepaid bundles that you can purchase on your cell if you insert a pay as you go sim card in. Make sure that it is 32k or higher. You can get them from MTN service centres. Vodacom as far as I now only has prepaid on your cell at R2 per Mb or contract bundles for 2 years. It might have been changed.

The normal user would use an average 100Mb per month.

If you get a 350Mb bundle from MTN it will cost you about R180 that are valid for 30 days no contract. You can stop whenever you want.

MTN - HUAWEI - E620 Card Phone

Additional bundles can be loaded. (100Mb, 350Mb,etc)