Start a Handyman Business in Your Neighbourhood

Are you a Jack of all trades with a decent hand & power tool collection? If so, then starting a handyman business in your area might just be the start of a superb part-time or full-time income.

Handyman work is one of those things that will always be around as long as people stay in houses. The service can include tasks such as replacing light bulbs, sealing roof leaks, installing book shelves, and many more.  It is generally work that people can do themselves, but choose not to either due to time constrains, lack of proper tools and equipment or just being lazy. Whatever reason people choose to not do it themselves, is good news to you.

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Most handyman jobs can be done by anyone willing to put in the work. Though some tasks may require a more specialised set of skills or qualifications, outsourcing is always an option. That way even if you can't personally complete a task, you may still be able to make money from it.

Building up a handyman business, just like any start-up business, will take time and effort. Getting your first client shouldn't be all that hard.  Start by telling friends and family that you do these kind of jobs. Quite often, your first job will be from someone you know.

Place a handyman business add on your local social media community pages. Also take advantage of free advertising space, such as the side of your car or the wall in front of your house.

Print pamphlets detailing some tasks you are capable of doing. Distribute the pamphlets in your neighbourhood.  Narrow down your target market to houses where you see specific problems, such as broken light fixtures or roofs clearly in need of repairs.  Doing so will greatly increase your chances of getting a response. Be aware though, many times a house may be in bad shape due to a lack of funds from the home owner, in which case they aren't very likely to hire someone, but you won't know without trying.

When you do get a job, do it to the best of your ability, and in the shortest amount of time possible. Clean up properly when you are done and be careful not to break anything. Doing this will give you a happy client and a happy client is a referral.

A handyman business might not be for everyone, but it is a great way of making money without spending too much on getting started. If you put in the effort then it has the potential to grow into a very profitable small business.

Author: Mickey Gauché (2017)


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