Installation guidelines for tankless water heaters

Correct installations of tankless water heaters will help to use less energy in the long run and thus save money. To ensure the optimization of energy it is imperative that you follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for installation of tankless water heaters.

Many factors should be considered when installing the tankless water heaters and as such it is important to make use of a qualified plumber or gas heater technician. The person must be qualified and licensed to operate as such within the country where you reside.

To ensure that you get the best possible person to install the unit ask for a copy of their certification. Also enquire about the person’s track record, experience and check whether the business is registered. Follow up on the references provided by calling one or two of the references given. Always request written quotes as to ensure that the technician will work within the budget limit. Once you are happy with the contractor, installation can proceed. Be sure to ask for a guarantee of correct installation.


Before the contractor proceeds with the installation of tankless water heaters enquire about municipal regulations. You may need to get a permit for the installation of the units. If so, first get it before proceeding. Most of the tankless water heaters have a lifespan exceeding ten years and in many cases up to twenty years. Find out from the manufacturer what the expected lifespan of your specific unit will be.  Follow the instructions of the manufacturer for maintenance ensuring that the life expectancy of the unit can be reached.