How to Start Your Own Jewellery Making Business

If you like working with your hands, and you have a steady grip, why not start a jewellery making business? It’s like painting a picture or writing a book, an art form. Be a jewellery artist and start crafting your way to fame and riches now.
Here is a short introduction to starting your own business.


Part 1: Learn the how-to on jewellery making

If you are interested in jewellery making or already know how to and just need some knowledge of the technique, go on a course. Learning the way to size a ring or set a special stone will be beneficial for your business. There are various courses available for creating jewellery, as well as YouTube videos and even some books that could help you make your mediocre necklace look like an expensive, extravagant piece.

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Part 2: Buy your equipment

You may think that you don’t need to buy certain equipment, but it will make the job much, much easier.  Here are some of the items that could streamline the process of jewellery making:

  •     Flat-nose pliers, round-nose pliers, chain-nose pliers and crimping pliers.
  •     Measuring tape or ruler.
  •     Wire cutters.
  •     Bead organiser.
  •     Beading needle.
  •     Clasps and crimp beads.

Part 3: Test your new found skills

You can now try to make different kinds of trinkets until you find something you like. Wear it when going out if you’re a woman and have your wife or daughter wear it if you’re a man. It will help you see if people like your new art piece and it is also a good idea for advertising. This is also the time for you to think about crafting some jewellery to use for examples and displays for photos and ads.


Part 4: Find a place to sell

Now that you’re getting good at the crafting part, it’s time to find places to sell your art. Facebook is a good place to start. Create a page and invite all your friends to like and share it. You can also invest in a website for more professionalism. There is another option as well if you feel selling from home is a bit difficult. You can approach consignment stores or boutiques and ask if they’ll allow you to show and sell your products there.


Part 5: Expand your jewellery making business

If making and selling trinkets isn’t enough for you, you can always start a jewellery making class where you teach people a few useful techniques and share good tips on how you started your own little business. This will help your business to develop a larger following of people on Facebook and will give you a bit of extra income.
Now that you know the basics, go out and try it, you’ll be making a profit in no time.

Author: Chanel Gauché (2017)


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