How You Can Make Money Teaching Music

If you’re a musician and you need to make some extra cash, this is the way to do it. Teach people how to play your instrument.  Here are some good tips on how to make money teaching music:

Set up a policy

You don’t want people to cancel on you last minute and then you don’t have enough time to book someone else in that spot. This is why you need a cancelation policy stating that a person needs  to cancel at least 24 hours before the booked lesson otherwise  they still pay for the lesson, whether they attend it or not.  If you don’t have a policy in place you will lose rather than make money teaching music.

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Decide where you want to make money teaching music

You need to decide whether you want to rent a studio, teach from home or at the client’s house. This is important because it will determine the schedule times, costs and regulations of your business.
Teaching at clients’ homes will save you on rental costs and you won’t need a cleaner to make sure your studio is always clean. On the other hand, you’ll have to charge more for the fuel and the time it’ll take to drive to all the different places.  Keep in mind that you’ll have less time to make money teaching music because of the time it takes to travel. If you teach from a studio or your home you’ll have more time and can potentially fit it more students.

Decide on a subject for teaching music

Of course, you want to make money teaching music from what you know and if you can play several instruments then you have many different classes that you can teach. However, if you only know one, you’ll need to do extra marketing. You can always use your spare time to learn a new instrument or two. Remember your voice is also a musical instrument and you can thus teach people how to sing. That is if you know how or love to sing.

Gain knowledge

Playing and teaching instruments are two completely different things. You’ll need to be patient, as some people learn slower than others. This isn’t always a bad thing, since it means that the slow learners will be returning customers for longer.
You can use the Internet to download and print out music notes for various instruments and backtracks of songs on YouTube. These things will be what you give your students to learn and take home. If you live in a neighbourhood where the houses are close to each other soundproof the room you’ll be using for the lessons, as well as if you get a shop in a retail centre.

Decide on a target audience

You may think that teaching music to people of all ages will be fine. It is possible to do so, but if you jump from 1st grade kids to 50 year olds in every session, you might sometimes find that you are treating older people like kids or kids like adults. This could get confusing, and you might end up teaching nonsense to people that won’t help them at all. So, choose an age group or music genre.

Get an assistant

In the beginning of your music school business, when it is still quiet it won’t be an issue if you answer the phone now and then, but if you are in a lesson and have to answer the phone three or four times, your students will get upset and may not come back again. An assistant will help you get as many clients as possible and will organise your schedule, while you give your undivided attention to the students.

Be Supportive

The most important part of any teaching job is to support the students. People tend perform better with positive feedback. It is important to ask the students if they’ve practiced. If they’ve learned new things it will give them an opportunity to show off their skills. Many people don’t have anyone to support or appreciate their skills and some have negative people at home. This is why it is your job to always make them feel welcome at the music lessons so they want to return even though they don’t get credit at home. Enjoy your music teaching job, and the students will too.
The above tips are just the basics of how to make money teaching music, but with a little bit of creativity you can quickly build a lucrative business while enjoying every moment of what you do.

Author: Chanel Gauché (2017)


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