Tips for Starting a Nail Salon

Starting a nail salon or nail bar is a fun and easy way to make money from home or any salon with an open chair.

To get you started, let’s look at the important questions to ask related to opening your own nail bar.

nail salon

What is the Purpose of a Nail Expert?

A nail expert provides quite a few services.  You need to know an immense amount about taking care of nails and hands, as well as feet. Also keep in mind that there are safety and sterilization methods to follow when working with nails.

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The services that you will be providing include, but are not limited to:

·         Advice on nail upkeep.
·         Manicures.
·         Nail repairs.
·         Foot and hand massages.
·         Pedicures.
·         Application of gel and acrylic nails.
·         Nail art.
·         Cleaning, buffing and polishing of nails.

How do I become a Nail Expert?

Well, you will obviously need to get some experience. Maybe work in a salon or go on a few beauty courses. Also, it will help to do some health and safety courses to make sure you know how to keep the work environment sterile and clean.
If you have never managed your own business before, it will be a great idea to do a business management course. Remember to check out the relevant laws and regulations before starting a nail salon in your particular country and town.
Since the business will most probably have a very loose, flexible schedule, it will be wise to consider doing a time management course. You will be the master of your own time and work, so you will need to know how to schedule your appointments in the best possible way.

Who are my Rivals, and what can I Learn from Them?

Before deciding on a location for starting a nail salon - be it your home, an already running beauty salon, or a shop in a retail centre, look and find out which nail bars already operate in the vicinity of the location. Find out their pricing, their amount of followers and what they’re doing right or otherwise, wrong.
You can learn a great deal from observing the competition, like what not to do or what to do better, what is a working concept and what should be changed? Also find out how many competitors are in the area, and then consider whether there is place for one more before you take the next step in starting a nail salon.

What will my Unique Selling Point be?

Yes you need one! A unique selling point is what is going to set you apart from all the other people who are already pursuing this career path. You need to think creative and think inside the box. Yes, I said inside. If everybody is thinking outside the box, why not be different and think what could be inside?
Make your nail bar pop. Colourful enthusiastic marketing schemes can make your dull business look like a paradise. Have an amazing and to-die-for special that no one else has considered. Offer a beverage or some free samples. Make the customers need to, not want to, but need to get their diva nails done at your nail bar.

Comfortable seating, personalised service and extras such as discount vouchers to spend at hair salons or clothing stores are just some ideas to consider. Create stunning gift vouchers and send out invitations for nail parties.

When Should I Start?

People tend to see or hear of a great opportunity, and then jump right in before doing a proper due diligence.  If you consider starting a nail salon then you need to set a date for opening. Unless you have a specific date in mind, you will not have a project timeline and it will just stay a pipeline dream.

Don’t Forget about Stock and Equipment for Starting a Nail Salon

Remember that you will need a good amount of stock - nail polish, gel, acrylic, stickers and cleaning supplies. You should also give yourself enough time to get all the equipment and make sure you have a place to do it.  The last, but not least important thing to do is to get your licenses and qualifications in place. You don’t want to be shut down before you even start.

Author: Chanel Gauché (2017)


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