Start Your Own Pet Grooming Business

Do you like grooming your pet and dressing it up in cute outfits? How about starting your very own pet grooming business?

Benefits of a pet grooming business

First of all, you’ll be working with tons of amazing and adorable animals. It’ll be like having many pets, but without the major cost of food. You’ll have low start-up costs and the monthly fees for operating a pet grooming business are not very high either. The costs are even lower if you do it from home or have your own trailer to run a mobile pet salon. The hours are up to you, mainly if it is home-based or mobile. You can make a good income especially if you are situated in an upmarket area. It is also a great social environment because people love to talk about their pets.

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Becoming competent in the field

The great thing about this type of career is that you don’t need to go to university to be qualified. There are courses available for you to learn the necessary skills required to be a groomer. It is not mandatory, though it would be wise. The alternative is to go to an already established groom and ask if you can be an intern for a few months or so.

You will need the following equipment and supplies to start the salon:

  • Shampoo and conditioner.
  • Combs and brushes.
  • Ribbons and head bands/bandanas .
  • Scissors and shears.
  • Dryers.
  • Grooming table and tub.
  • Cages.
  • Nail clippers.
  • Cotton balls.
  • Towels.

Risks and licensing

There are some risks involved in this particular field, and also licensing since you will be working with animals. The risks are low, but are important to know. You could get bitten by an animal and if you do hurt or accidently shave off too much you will be liable for it. That said, it all depends on your training and ability to read an animal’s body language. I recommend getting insurance to cover any accidents or injuries that may occur.

Marketing your pet grooming business

This is the fun part. You get to dress-up and show off your own pet/s to the world. Just having a stunning looking animal with while going for a jog, walk in the park, or even have it lying in the front garden is an advertisement.
When people see your dashing pet/s they’ll generally compliment you and that’s when you give them your business card or brochure. It is also a good idea to enter your pet in one or two beauty contests, or even just go to one yourself. The number of potential customers walking around at these places is endless. Starting a Facebook page where people can post photos of their pets is another innovative way of spreading the word.

Personality traits that will give you an advantage

Having an outgoing and spontaneous personality is a huge thumbs-up since you’ll be talking to  numerous people. Having a hard shell and being tolerant of criticism is something that definitely counts in your favour. Love for animals is a must, otherwise you’ll hate every minute of your work.
Overall an animal loving, people friendly, thick-skinned person is the ideal candidate for starting a pet grooming business.

Author: Chanel Gauché (2017)


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