Rent-a-pet Business for Animal Lover

Do you love animals? All types of animals like dogs, cats, pigs, chickens, donkeys and even fish? Ever thought of owning all the above and more, but then thought you would not be able to afford it? Well, with the rent-a-pet business for animal lovers, you can. You'll have to do checks on people before renting a pet to them though. Just to make sure they won't harm or steal the animals. 

Why would someone rent a pet or farm animal?
Glad you asked, because there are so many different reasons why:

  • For instance, someone has a birthday party and wants to rent a pony for kiddie’s rides.
  • Someone might also want to rent a few farm animals to see whether they want to take a shot at being an animal farmer or not.
  • Someone might also just want to rent a child-friendly dog for their kid to see if they have what it takes to look after a dog before buying a puppy.
  •  In addition, someone might want to rent different animals to socialise their new high maintenance breed puppy.
  • Dogs are known for their therapeutic value to terminally ill patients. As such, a person may want to rent a small dog once a week or perhaps for a longer period to keep a bed stricken family member company.
  • Peacocks are exceptionally beautiful and one of the latest wedding trends is to hire peacocks to brighten up garden weddings. Think about that. You can sell their stunning tail feathers (the ones that are shed naturally) and make money from renting out the peacocks.
  • What about a kiddies party for pre-schoolers? With your rent-a-pet business for animal lovers, you can rent out a cluster of bunnies and various other animals for a touch farm party.
  • Preschools and primary schools might rent some of the animals for educational purposes as well.
  • School fund raising days are perfect for renting out camels, ponies, and donkeys for animal interaction activities such as donkey cart rides, camel rides or pony rides.

I would pay money for any of the above reasons, wouldn’t you?


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What do you need for this business?
For starters, you’ll need a place to keep the animals. I’d suggest getting a farm or small plot before inviting a bunch of animals into your home. You should either buy a place or otherwise, sign a long-term lease, so you know you won’t have to abandon the animals.
You will also need to do some research to see what type of environment, which animal species require, and what each type feeds on. In addition, you’ll need to build shelters and pens if needed. 
Animals are amazing, but can cost quite a lot if they need vet care.  If you’re planning to have many animals, you’ll need pet insurance.  With this, you will be able to afford expensive vet treatments for the animals.
You will need a trailer, animal transport cages, and a vehicle to transport the animals to and from the various places.
You’ll need animal feed, grooming equipment, water and food bowls, towels, blankets and fodder if relevant.
Even if you have the space immediately, start small with only one animal species. Set up your website and Facebook page. Start marketing so that you can make sure the animal costs are covered through the rental services you’ll offer. Then you can move onto your next set of animals. This is when you’ll wish someone else had a rent-a-pet business for animal lovers, so you can see which animals you’d like to keep.
You might not become a millionaire through the rent-a-pet business for animal lovers. However, it is one way an animal lover can keep a large number of animals, take care of them and profit a little.


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