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Camping Gas Geyser

New: Instantaneous Gas Water Heaters:
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Available in the following delivery rates per minute - 6, 8, 10, 12, 16 and 20 Liters

The time is right - Electrical supply is not a given in our country anymore - Be Prepared.
Instantaneous Gas Water Heaters are cheaper than electricity. The growth in sales of gas stoves in the domestic home is on average 37%.
Gone are the days of the old ugly Gas Geysers!

Product USP's:

  1. Attractive packaging - easily stored on shelves in store. Attractive exterior design is compact & elegant as well as space saving and is in harmony with modern day living. In Store brochures will be available.
  2. Display stand for units in store available.
  3. Appliance verification permits available on all sizes from: The Liquefied Petroleum Gas Safety Association of SA (LPGSASA).
  4. The gas water heaters have been tested by Accredited Testing Laboratory and have found to be compliant in terms of SANS 1539:2005 - SABS stipulations. Manufactured by ISO9001 Company.
  5. These water heaters are rated Type B in terms of SANS 1539 for installation indoors.
  6. These water heaters are essentially low pressure water heaters from both GAWS aspect (rated pressure 2,8kpa) and the water aspect (0.025 - 0.05mpa)
  7. The water heaters are protected against excess water pressure delivery while in use.
  8. The ignition system of the water is electric (3volts) Battery operated in a hidden battery box (Batteries not included).
  9. Winter & Summer Function controls provides for more flexible temperature control.
  10. Automatic Operation: - There is no pilot light to ignite once the gas and water supplies are present and connected. Merely opening the hot water tap will ignite the gas in the water heater and provide instant hot water. Closing the hot water tap - Stopping the water flow will immediately cut off the gas supply and extinguish the flame and the water flow will cease.
  11. Full Safety Protection: Should the flame in the water heater be unexpectedly extinguished, the pulse igniter will immediately re-light the flame.
  12. A water flow regulator protects against pressure surges which shunts water through a by - pass valve should the water pressure be too high.
  13. An overheating protection device automatically cuts off the gas in the event ov over heating.
  14. Fittings fit the standard approved 8mm gas hosing.
  15. Unit comes with rubber hose with fitted shower head.
  16. It is advisable to install an isolation water valve in the water line to the water heater to facilitate maintenance or repair.

What market will use it?
Normal Domestic house, Townhouse, Duplex flats etc.
Holiday resorts, Caravan parks, Game farms, Guest houses, Hotels, Low cost housing units, Factories, Service stations, Farmers.

Dimensions and Weight:

Product Code
57 X 32,5 X 20,5 CM
GW 5.2KG
66 X 39 X 25 CM
GW 7.9 KG
72 X 40 X 24 CM
GW 10.29KG
72 X 39 X 25 CM
GW 9.5 KG
83 X 43,6 X 26.3 CM
GW 19 KG
GWH 20LT    

Pricing and Flow rate @ +- 60 degrees Celsius: (Temperature can be adjusted for winter and summer conditions)

What size geyser do you need?

When deciding what size Hot Water Heater to Install, one needs to determine whether the heater's capacity is going to be fully utilized every time it is switched on, thus maximizing economy of gas usage.

E.g. if the requirement is a 16 liter for the whole house and a 16 Lt is installed, then every time a hot water tap is opened in the kitchen enough gas is burned to heat 16 Liters of water per minute.

It would be more economical to install a 10Lt and a 6 Lt side by side, serving different disciplines, running off the same gas bottle.

Average water usage measured in liters.

Geyser size

Shower 5.7 to 9.5

Bath 7.6 to 11.4
Wash Basin 1.9 to 5.7
Kitchen sink 3.8 to 8.3
Washing machine 5.7 to 11.4


Average gas usage Kg per hour.

Geyser size  
1,11 Kg/h
1,49 Kg/h
1,93 Kg/h
2,29 Kg/h
3,06 Kg/h
3,82 Kg/h


The above averages are estimates and can differ from house to house.

All COD orders outside of Bloemfontein will only be released once full payment has been made and proof of deposit slip has been faxed through.

Please note - These products carry a one year warranty on condition that it has been installed by a qualified LPG gas technician.

Find a LPG installer in your area.

Any fixed Gas Appliance must be installed by a LPG installer by law.