How to Make Money with YouTube

Though some people just like sharing and for that reason, add YouTube videos, most of us do want to get something back for our efforts. Here’s how you can make money with YouTube just by sharing knowledge, funnies, wisdom or just about anything you can make into a video.

Setup the account

Open a YouTube account. It’s straightforward. Decide on a username that is easy to remember and not offensive to anyone. This is to make it easier for people when they browse for your videos. Then add content and keywords to your channel. You can add the keywords in the advance settings area of your channel. This will help people to find your channel and populate more views on your videos.

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Getting and keeping your audience

You can’t upload a video today, then another in a week and another in a month after that. Rather make the videos beforehand and have an automatic timer for when the next video must be uploaded. If you only upload once a month, that’s the only time people will be checking your videos.
If you upload new content often you’ll get a bigger audience. The bigger the audience the more money you make with YouTube. Remember to mingle with your audience. People love to know that someone they admire or look up to actually cares or seems like caring. Reply to some comments, upload videos based on comments, and say thanks to some of the fans directly in your videos.

Here are some ideas on what videos to upload to make money:

  • Step-by-step makeup tutorials.
  • How to cut your own hair.
  • Be a comedian.
  • DIY videos.
  • Life hacks.
  • Talk about politics.
  • Vines.
  • Singing.
  • Your own animated series.
  • Your amazing pet/s.
  • Promote one of your products.

How you make money with YouTube

You make money from videos with the ads embedded. This won’t make you millions, but it is an extra income that could possibly pay your rent or at least part of it. You can also make money by promoting your blog where you have more ads on. Another way to make money with YouTube is to promote products that you’re selling to get more people to buy.
Make DIY tutorials on how to do things then sell full videos with many more things people could do at home.  You can also make a video about something you would like to do such as travelling the world, starting a charity, or some amazing resort, and get sponsorships online. Generating traffic on YouTube to affiliate marketing links is another option.


You have to market your videos. No, just putting them on YouTube isn’t marketing. Without marketing you will not make money with YouTube. You have to think bigger than just hoping people see it.
Attract friends from your Facebook page, tell them to check out your channel, and maybe start a website or blog somewhere. Use the whole Internet as your “office”. This is your workspace, don’t waste any of it. You have a big office, so don’t use only a small part of it, use the entire space, otherwise why do you have such a big workspace?

Eye-catching titles

People decide to watch videos based on the titles and descriptions. Sure, you can create just descriptive titles, but since sensation sells, make the most of it. Think what will make you choose a particular video and write a catching title accordingly.

Be different

Don’t just think the same as everyone else, make your channel unique. Think of something that will make people want to watch your videos instead of someone else’s. It doesn’t matter if you’re doing the same DIY tutorials as everyone else; you just need to make it more entertaining to watch your videos instead of another person’s. For instance, you could be an extremely funny person and now people would rather watch your videos, not because your videos are better, but just because they like the humorous way that you explain things.

If you have an Internet connection, camera or even the webcam on a laptop or your cellphone, a bit of spare time, and a topic then you have everything you need to make money with YouTube.

Author: Chanel Gauché (2017)


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